Infants (6 weeks to 18 months)

In our infant room our teachers display an infinite amount of love for the babies. They have the freedom to explore their surroundings safely and cultivate their curiosity. We work with each child to help them reach the milestones appropriate to their age. We encourage each child to move around on their own and to develop muscle strength. We help them when they begin to crawl, cruise, walk and run. We adore all the coos, babbles, and giggles, until their first words come along. It is our priority to help them develop their fine motor skills and pincer grasp until they are able to grab and place toys, insert objects, and eventually hold a crayon.

Toddlers (18 months to 36 months)

As the babbles turn into words we encourage our toddlers to recognize and repeat the names of objects and build their vocabulary through play and circle time activities. We motivate the children to walk up and down stairs on the indoor and outdoor play areas. Fine motor skills are built upon through building, coloring, holding pencils, turning pages and limitless arts and craft activities. We encourage our toddlers to take part in imaginative play, especially in our kitchen/house play areas. We also promote the children to begin to use utensils while eating. Lastly, we work with you, the parents, in potty training your child!

3 Year Olds

We begin to teach the children to respect their friends, teachers, and toys by displaying positive behaviors and encouraging children to model them. Imaginative play is demonstrated and used for fun and as a tool for teaching opportunities. We foster self-respect through independence and showing pride in their achievements. The three year olds are introduced to using scissors, to strengthen their fine motor skills as they develop their writing skills through tracing lines and shapes. They also complete countless arts and crafts projects and participate in circle time activities that reinforce the lesson or theme of the week.

4 Year Olds / Preschoolers

Our preschoolers are on the road to kindergarten in this year, so it is essential to prepare them to be able to take care of themselves. We encourage them to think critically, learning problem solving strategies, and verbalize their wants and needs. Though we are play based learning center education is valued. The children are introduced to educational subject matter. We approach language arts with the letter of the week and phonemic awareness, each letter has a sound. We introduce math and science through pictographs, bar graphs, and measuring/pouring during rice table play and cooking. We promote positivity and healthy friendships. The children continue to develop their fine motor skills through various activities such as using scissors, daily writing in notebooks, and more intricate puzzles and games. Numerous arts and craft projects let the children have the freedom to express themselves. During music the children enjoy dancing like nobody is watching, singing like no one is listening and banging on the instruments like rock stars.

Here at Sweet Tots we provide other enriching experiences:

Guest Speakers (dentists, firefighters, policemen, nurses, and other community members)
Holiday Parties
Birthday Celebrations
Talent Show Performances
Mother's Day & Father's Day party and activity
Halloween Trick or Treating Parade
School Wide Theme Weeks
Creative Contests

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