Our Policies

Sweet Tots Creative Child Care Center appreciates the physical, cognitive differences of the children and adapt to each child's level of readiness. Even the youngest students form friendships and learn the basics such as sharing and getting along. Children are served breakfast, lunch and two snacks, have appropriate nap time and enjoy the indoor play gym, and the outdoor play area on the park-like grounds of Sweet Tots.

Below is a list of our policies. Please select one of the following:


Sweet Tots Creative Child Care Center is responsible for conducting a daily evaluation of each child for any indication of illness, injury or abuse. Should any condition of concern be detected, the parent/guardian will be advised to seek medical attention. All parents will be notified by the provider of the child's illness.

Children are considered too sick to come to child care when he/she has one or more of the following symptoms:

Fever: If your child has a fever in the morning, do NOT send him/her to school.
Runny Nose/Severe Coughing:
If the child's mucus is thick/discolored, red in the face or are extremely lethargic.
If the child has two episodes within 24 hours.
Rashes or Sores
(excluding diaper rash): If the child has skin patches that are crusty, dry, yellow or moist.
Eye Irritations:
If the child has redness of eyelid lining with tears, swelling, discharge and/or pus.

Children may return to school when:

  • He/she has no symptoms for 24 hours.

  • If your child has been sent home sick and is well enough to return the next day, you must call in the morning and discuss it with the director.

  • With a physician's note, indicating that the child is NOT infectious to others. Also, a return date must be indicated.


Children will NOT be given any medication, prescription or any other remedy or treatment. Sweet Tots providers will only apply topical over-the-counter medication, sunscreen, or topically applied insect repellant. All over-the counter TO/S/R must be in the original container with the manufacturer's label and directions and labeled with the child's first and last name.


In the event of illness or injury, the parent will be notified immediately for pick up. An incident report form will be filled out and the parent will be asked to read and sign it at that time. In case of an emergency, Sweet Tots will call 911 and the child will be transported by ambulance. Parents will be notified immediately and will meet the provider at the hospital. We will have a list of authorized persons to call in the event that parent is unable to be reached. An office manager or appointed staff member will fill in, in the event of such an emergency.

Toilet Training

Please advise us if your child is in the process of being toilet trained. It is the responsibility of the parent to notify us and we will follow up with supportive measures. If your child is NOT toilet trained, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide enough diapers and wipes daily to accommodate your child as needed.


We provide children with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily.
Tommy Miano governs the kitchen area and is a certified food service manager, as well as an amazing cook. Daily, he provides the students with breakfast, lunch and two snacks throughout the day. He serves food on a specific time schedule and provides a weekly menu for the parents. This gives the parents the option of sending in lunch in case their child isn't able to or doesn't eat the food provided that day (this never applies to his home made macaroni and cheese though!)


There is a need for sound and positive discipline methods in caring for young children. The purpose of good discipline is to instruct and guide the children into a pattern of responsible behavior. Techniques include redirecting a child to an alternate activity, rewarding an acceptable behavior, encouraging children to talk about their feelings and providing an example for children by speaking and interacting in a positive manner.


Sweet Tots is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.
We are NOT OPEN on the following Holidays:

Labor Day
Rosh Hashanah
Columbus Day
Yom Kippur
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day

Our teachers will notify parents in advance of any days off.

For locations and contact information please visit our "Contact Us" page.


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